Free Press

Free Press

 Posted by geaneditor on January 10, 2013 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Gean Tree Press is a “free” press. We do not like censorship. We may or may not necessarily agree with the views of our bloggers but we do believe in free speech and we support our bloggers’ right to express their views on haikai literature and issues of the day. As far as I can see Susan’s post has highlighted the irony of certain schools within haikai: these modern day masters put forward their views on haikai literature but will not answer the questions of the student and if you do not accept some of their teachings one is accused of being opinionated, which is in itself an opinion and not exactly helpful for stimulating healthy debate. 


A serious academic postulates their theories which then must stand rigorous scrutiny from their peers; they are then either agreed upon or another idea is put forward and then perhaps common ground can be found — thesis, antithesis & synthesis.


In her earlier posts Susan has welcomed criticism of her ideas on haikai and she has been transparent about this. She makes no claim to be an academic. It is far too easy to hit “like” or block someone from Facebook or hide behind now “secret” groups. But when you hit post on a social network site you have initiated public consumption and invited comment. It is your own tough luck if people disagree with you. So long as no one is libelous or abusive then they will be free to express anything regarding haiku on the Gean Tree Press blog. We will not be blocking or banning anyone – even if they do it to us.



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