An Introduction.

My name is Violette Rose-Jones and I am your guest blogger for this month. I thought I’d open by telling you all a little about my haiku journey.

The first time I ever encountered haiku was in the early 1990’s. I don’t remember the first poem I read but I remember my reaction on reading my first good one. It struck me as this amazing TARDIS-like literary creature, so much bigger on the inside than the outside. I then had three thoughts in quick succession: Firstly I  wondered how something so small could move me so much. My second was about how on earth you write such a thing and my third, and I gather this reaction is fairly unique to me,  was, wouldn’t these look good combined with images? Of course I couldn’t find any good instruction on writing them then , only that old 5-7-5 saw  that all new writers to haiku hear about. Lacking guidance, I thought that anything could be a haiku just as long as it was 5-7-5 and as a result, I started writing haiku that make me cringe today.  I immediately combined these atrocities with imagery. I did not own a computer at the time and anyway the days of great photoshopping at home were quite a long way away at that point. What I could do was trick photography, so that is what I did. Check out the picture I have attached. This is my first go at a haiga; everyone sucks when they start out at something.Image

I didn’t keep at it long then. I gave birth to a son not long after that and got the busy life that comes with small children. I came back to haiku in 2008. This time I had the internet and books to help me. I read great haiku. I admired and learnt from the haiga of greats like Alexis Rotella. I grew and I got better (I think). I’ve been published a bit now, fallen totally, hopelessly and irreversibly in love with haiga making and haiku and its related forms have become interwoven in my life.

I hope you will read my posts over the next month and if you only take one thing away from them, I hope it is that haiku is worth persisting to learn. In the end you will get more from it than you give.


11 thoughts on “An Introduction.

  1. Good beginning, Violette. Excited to see what a very special voice from Australia will present of gifts to us all in the coming month.

  2. Thanks, Vee, for a voice that could be mine and many others who started out scrambling, and maybe still do, through this journey. I look forward to being with you along the way. I love your haiga, by the way, especially how you did the text like pennants in the breeze!

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