April Topics And An Introduction

I would like to thank Colin for inviting me to blog here this month and look forward to being in touch with folks and hearing your responses to some of the issues that we’ll be talking about. I am going to divide the month into four main posts, one per week:

1st week – Haiku and Rhyme

2nd week – Haiku and the Imagination

3rd week – Nick Virgilio and the Haiku Form

4th week – Haiku and Photography

If time allows, I’ll post a few shorter things, too, and try to respond in a timely way to your comments/questions. I can also discuss a little bit what it’s like to run a small poetry press and address questions that you might have about it. I’ll post about haiku and rhyme tomorrow but I just wanted to introduce myself today and give you a sense of what is coming.

A poet, book artist and photographer, I believe that beauty can be a form of solace, whether found in poetry, a painting or music. I began writing haiku following a three year stint as a war correspondent for The New York Times in Israel. Haiku provided me with a way to write meaningfully about my experiences and get at the emotional core of the country. To capture the intermingling of peace and war in everyday life there, I wrote and handcrafted a chapbook, Peace and War: A Collection of Haiku from Israel.

Following three years of study at the Center for Book Arts in New York City, I founded Turtle Light Press in 2005. The press, which sponsors a biennial haiku chapbook contest, most recently released Nick Virgilio: A Life in Haiku. My own work has won several international awards and been published in a variety of journals.

Lastly, my work is being featured this month on Cornell University’s Mann Library haiku site: http://haiku.mannlib.cornell.edu/

Hope you’ll enjoy the posts!


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