I Write Haiku, You Wanna Make Something of It!?

Yeah, I write haiku. But don’t blab it to just anyone. Most people don’t know about my haiku affliction. I don’t reveal it. It’s not that I’m embarrassed. It’s just that most don’t get it. I’ve been writing haiku for more than 40 years and it’s during that time I learned it’s best to keep my trap shut…lips zipped tight about this haiku thing. In the distant past I’d proudly announce to friends that I’m a haiku poet and often I’d give them a magazine with several of my haiku published in it or a chapbook or book of mine. About 10 percent of the time the reaction was enthusiastically positive with a sincere look of interest and in an admiring tone they’d say, “Wow, I never knew this about you.” The other 90 percent of the time I was met with looks of befuddlement. Their faces turned blank and I could see them grappling with how best to react. They’d try to be gracious in accepting the magazine or book I was giving them, but it was clear they didn’t know what to do with it or how to react. It was as though I just handed them a murder weapon or what my cat barfed up earlier that day. I’d receive a strained smile while they’d say, “Wow, I never knew this about you.” So, it feels good to be blogging to you. You’re among an elite group who reads, studies, and writes haiku. I can share my deep dark secret with you. It’s as though we all collect light bulbs, or enjoy eating earthworms, or wear lacy, frilly underwear and we’re among like kind. (For the record: I DO NOT wear lacy, frilly underwear!) There is a sense of being in a safe house and being able to shed the armor, explanations, and justifications. I can talk to you and share my thoughts, ideas, and preferences when it comes to haiku. You may not agree with or like everything I say, but you’ll understand and appreciate that my passion for haiku is similar to yours.


8 thoughts on “I Write Haiku, You Wanna Make Something of It!?

  1. Hi Jeff and welcome to Haiku Matters.
    I look forward to what you throw at us in during this month, not frilly underwear, but hey it works for Tom Jones, so why not shed some of your outer protection and shows us what you’ve got.
    col 🙂

  2. I have sort of got used to the befuddled looks. I kept my haiku secret for ages! I used to write 5-7-5 poems about just about any subject under the sun (particularly my lack of religion) believing they were haiku. A few people said they were good and I went looking for haiku books in Borders. I was flabbergasted to be honest, and ashamed to say my instant reaction was to dismiss it as “rubbish,” put it back and buy some Simon Armitage! Eventually I convinced myself that if it were rubbish it wouldn’t be sitting on the shelves of a bookshop and I set about learning more about it.

    I never did wear frilly knickers though. Good old fashioned bloomers for me! I’m was brought up decent, like. 😀

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