“Nymphs on the Surf”…Southern California Haiku inspires Mojave Flute Improvisation

bill hart


with each breaking wave
three nymphs in the surf
scream a cappella

~William Hart, a Southern CA poet, dear to our f=group and well published and appreciated in the haiku and tanka world, wrote this exciting poem, and followed with this regional note.
(Not so long ago these girls were afraid of waves. Their tongue-in-cheek attitude helps them create distance between the children they were and the preteeners they are. In summer, in LA, the beach is where to be.)

Bill leads off the Southern CA regional poems. He is a good friend, and inspiring poet, he did a especial reading at our home of his wonderful book of Tanka “Home to Ballygunge”, inspired by his trips to his wife’s home city in India. 9maybe Rick will add a touch of Bansuri to his poems. But mailnly Rick has writeen of the Mojave flute he plans to use:

“The large Southern California contingent will be accompanied
with a “Mojave Desert flute” made by Coyote Oldman and
which is inspired by a 19th century instrument in the
Museum of Man in San Diego.  The instrument is a simple,
cylindrical tube with four finger holes. Its sound reminds one of the desert.

Like most of the indigenous flutes of the U.S. Southwest,
it is “rim-blown” and so is quite different from the common
whistle-type Native American flutes (Plains or Woodlands flutes).
The edges of one end of the tube are rounded and pressed
against the lips. with the air directed through a small
opening in the lips towards the left side of the rim
(in the manner of an Arabic ney or Bulgarian kaval).
The rim-blown flutes are harder to play than the common
Plains flutes and so are rarely heard today.”

After our preview reading last night we are making edits and adding new haiku still being sent to the Regional Reading Text! More tomorrow about another region and another flute!

William Hart discussing tanka  and haiku with the poets at our home during his reading

William Hart discussing tanka and haiku with the poets at our home during his reading


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