Summer Heat at the HNA the Haiga Art Show and special beauties from Naia

Native American Flute

Native American Flute

One of the most beautiful inner histories of US antiquity is the Native American roots in nature. Even in the midst of struggles this inclination to blend, absorb, infuse human experience with the essence of the natural word inspired the creativity in verse and imagery. In many of the poems of the North American poets this natural inclination to follow the trail of beauty in the natural world becomes evident.

Sondra Byrnes
South Bend, Indiana

not until now—
the dogwood
found me

(after a harsh winter in the midwest, we are desperate to see the dogwood bloom—a brief, but glorious, sign of spring in may)

Rick will play the Native America Plains Flute for the many of the regions of the US,
invoking their roots in a natural onenss in simplicity, with nature.

Rick says
“One or more Native American flutes of the type called
the plains flute or the courting flute will accompany
poets from Canada and much of the central and eastern
United States. This form appeared in the
early 19th century. Its use diminished in the 20th
century, but the instrument was revived and popularized
in the second half of that century.

The plains flute is sounded like a penny whistle,
by simply blowing into a hole at one end. It
can be recognized by the wooden block (sometimes
carved into the shape of a bird or animal) tied onto the
upper body of the flute with a leather strip, which serves
as the upper part of the duct that directs the air stream
towards the sounding edge.”

The “courting flute” as it is called lure us into the heart of nature, with the deepest sound? Some of the beautiful haiga of Naia, our beautiful local poet, and one of the hosts of our HNA conference, show this opening an invitation into the deepest natural source”:






The Haiga Art (organized by your roving reporter) show will be featured at the HNA conference. Some will be works on paper, brought by the artists, and also an ongoing digital display, creating an invigorating view of this fantastic and powerful artistic form, combining words (haiku) and image, in a sideways, elliptical,, provocative way. Thank you Naia for your inspiring art.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Heat at the HNA the Haiga Art Show and special beauties from Naia

  1. brilliant art by Naia!
    Kath, sorry if I do not check in much on the comments side of things. I am very busy getting ready to move house but I will be sneaking a peek or two. So happy to have a roving reporter at HNA and looking forward to more reports.
    col 🙂

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