welcoming kris moon to southern ca the beauty of friendship poetry and art

1 kris dragon1 kris 51 kris 4All day long today I will be adding photos and haiga of kris moon, (aka kris kondo) our visitor from Japan! Kris and I have longed to meet for a long time! It is a gift from HNA that we have, and the connections and resonances are louder and more moving in person than ever before. I know so many of you love her and her work, and so I feel especially honored to be able to give a glimpse of our meeting! Deborah P Kolodji had some time with her, and then generously brought her to us! kris first came to our home and has moved into her room here. She and I, along with Sharon Hawley, our good friend adventuring poet just returned from the British Isles walked to the Red Door. We first met with the small group of “Long Form Writers and kris was able to enjoy the variety. Excerpts from a novel and a novella, long narrative sci-fi, series of lyrical free verse in manuscript, and tanka sequence.

Kris Kondo speaking of dragons at our early "Long Form" meeting at the Red Door" (with Elva Lauter, our dear local poet friend)

kris moon: speaking of dragons at our early “Long Form” meeting at the Red Door” IMG_5093

kris was able to present at this meeting and the other her journal of haiga in hand. And here especially, read and told the story of the Dragon festival in her village, that inspired her haiku (and footnote) for the Regional Reading:

deep in the mountains . . .
dragons sleep &
clouds are born

Amazing to have her here doing such a thing. Almost incredible to be holding her journal in my hands. This is the wonder of meeting our friends in person, that we have known online, in such a deep artistic way, and psychological way, and then to be now “tangible”. With such a poet, and such artistry it expands and deepens the pool under the waterfall.

Kris Kondo Red Door Poet at Caltech, Pasadena August 9, 20013 kris kondo Red Door Poet at Caltech, Pasadena
August 9, 20013

A painted fan by kris moon…..
Caltech Poets meet for sharing poetry at the Red Door, our large group meeting was honored to welcome kris kondo into our circle! group

In our home, in Kris’s room … her traveling haiga beauties…


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