First Day Arrival HNA Conference Queen Mary

Arriving on the Queen Mary : eight hours without a break… of reunion, work as an organizer AND my roving reporter inclinations for you… in the the midst: my determination to feel the pulse of poetry as my primary heart beat and yours… How did this, can this, happen in this busy world!!?? How many of you have felt this at such a gathering? Who you are is poetry… the organizers were striving to bring out every chance for poetry to be “on board” as primary companion! Deborah P. Kolodji and Naia, strong beautiful poets themselves, gracefully working so hard because “haiku matters” It is their quest too!!

6 hna

1 circus3

One of the special ways they kept the poetry primary was to set a prompt theme for haiku of the day. In the book fair, registration room was a digital screen which displayed the current haiku Twittered on the theme of the day! “migration”! I loved this, all of it. The theme the contemporary nature of the approach, the way it looked and connected all the migrating poets. I wrote about ten haiku on this, some before I came because the prompt was displayed ahead. Theme for second day is “salt air”. (My NaHaiWriMo and Mijikai haiku are also influenced by this…)

3 hna9 hna7 hna5 hna

4 hna1 hna

1 circus 2

1 circus

Your roving reporter’s traveling circus equipment! Our dear friend (non of these three attending the conference came to HELP us set up!)

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