Tanka Sunday Amazing Finale Tanka Poets on Site

IMG_5909 IMG_5892


Tanka Sunday evening began with a ten minute performance by Tanka Poets on Site. This was such a moving experience for your roving reporter, she just had to skip to this and share as much as possible before we leave this morning for the boat excursion to Catalina Island off the coast here, at 7 am, Monday morning August 19. In the coming days I will be reviewing the many rich and wonderful programs and poets, inspirations and influences that have come into our lives here at this, the largest Haiku North America conference ever. Tanka Sunday followed the conference… with an hour break! This spectacular conference could not have a more beautiful Finale than Tanka Sunday. And for our Tanka Poets on Site to be appreciated as they were among the assembled distinguished international poets was an honor and a delight!


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