Notes from the Gean Literary Review

Dear Readers,


Notes from the Gean Literary Review is now soliciting essays, articles, book reviews, analysis of individual poems and any other resources or material that may be of interest to our readers which does not fit within the remit of Notes from the Gean monthly haiku journal.

Please consult our submissions page

Submissions to geaneditor [@] gmail [.] com

I attended a reading by Prof Alan Spence tonight in Aberdeen:

Tuesday 20th August, 7pm, Waterstone’s, Union Bridge.

ALAN SPENCE will read from his acclaimed new novel Night Boat, set in 18th Century Japan. Just published, it has already received stunning reviews. Alan is an award-winning poet and playwright, novelist and short story writer. He is the University’s Professor in Creative Writing and founded the annual WORD Festival. Night Boat is Waterstone’s Scottish Book of the Month. Admission is free and doors open at 6.30pm

My review copy of his new book Night Boat (which tells the story of Zen master Hakuin) is coming soon and I will be interviewing Prof Spence for Notes from the Gean Literary Review which will be out in November.



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