The Full Regional Reading Salon Every Word Every Footnote

IMG_6374At the finale of the Haiku North America the question came up… as it does at a week-long camp-out… what now? We’ve shared our lives here for a week, gotten so much closer and learned so much together… what now??? Your roving reporter spoke up: “come next Friday night, August 23, to Kathabela’s house for the FULL Regional Reading, we will read every word. We did and some poets came.

We were thrilled to welcome (my poetic sister) Deborah P. Kolodji, organizer (with Naia) of the HNA conference, she read her own and other poets of Southern Califonia with certain pleasure!



kris moon was there, her last night in Southern California at our home, amidst the festivities. Kris painted and gave fans, also tiny pebbled “jinsu stones” representing the lost from disasters in Japan in 2011. She painted 100 pebbles a day for a long time, still painting these tiny gifts. 20130825_092254

Kris’s beautiful poems and footnotes were highlights of the regional reading. Her fantastic story of the dragon Festival that takes place at the same time as the HNA Festival! Her pages alone would inspire a full reading! By “kris moon”

“deep in the mountains . . .
dragons sleep &
clouds are born

(Kiyokawa Village is famous for its Seiryusai or Blue Dragon Festival held in mid-August. A pair of giant straw dragons are made by the old people and students of the junior High school in the Gym of the school. It is a dragon couple, male & female, and they are as long as the gymnasium. On the festival day they are carried by the students with bamboo poles on their shoulders to a huge playing field and park in the village. In the evening a festival is held and villagers and guests write their wishes in strips of paper and tie them to the dragons. meanwhile there is dancing and drumming on a stage nearby. Then the villagers carry the dragon 3 times around the field to the sounds of drumming. Then the dragons return they are burned to the accompaniment of fireworks. It is a ceremony to bring rain & every night that i have been here for the festival it has rained that night sometimes even as the last embers of the dragons are going out.) I can feel those blue dragon spirits sleeping in the mountains i live in, and last year especially, being the year of the dragon…i saw many dragon clouds born.)”


We were delighted to welcome as readers and listers for the Regional Reading a mathematician year-long visitor to Caltech from Japan Yuichiro Fujiwara and his friend Peter Vandendriessche from Ghent, Belgium. Yurichiro read for other Japanese poets and also some of the Midwest poets. Peter continued on through the Midwest. Rick played flutes for the regions and we projected the slides of the region names with a fine picture of the various flutes played.








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