Poets on Catalina Island Conference Finale HNA

We could not leave our conference friends without a Trip to Avalon, on Catalina Island off the coast. It was a day of enchantment. More real and “magical” than we could ever expect. And it was full of poetry. After all the work of making this conference wonderful it was a pleasure to relax together, with Deborah P. Kolodji, Naia, Michael, oour New Zealand friends. Luce Pelletier, and Mariko Kitakubo. On the way, Michael Dylan Welch, who never stops being a poet, organized a group writing session, you can see it is a poetic voyage of friends. We took a long walk into the hills together to the Botanic Garden. On the way I met a deer and deviated from the group for almost two hours. Roving with my deer. Then Mariko (the mother of my tanka, I fell in love with tanka listening to her perform about five year ago at Pacific Asia Museum) becae twins and bought matching dresses! On the way home on the voyage I had the delightful experience of writing with Michael Dylan Welch all the way back . These were the highlights for me.













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One thought on “Poets on Catalina Island Conference Finale HNA

  1. Great job all month. I admit my favorite part is the regular self-reference as “roving reporter,” which I suspect amused you in writing it as well. But I appreciate the daily snapshots of HNA especially. Best — SMA

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