Hello and welcome to Haiku Matters the Gean Tree Press blog.


Gean Tree Press is an independent haiku publishing house based in Scotland: we publish Notes from the Gean monthly haiku journal and free to read e-books using the Calameo flip page platform. Notes from the Gean can be read here http://www.geantreepress.com/Current_Issue.html

Readers also have the option to view our publications as PDFs which are available on our archives page. http://www.geantreepress.com/Archives.html

We invite submissions of all haikai genres, please send submissions to geaneditor[at]gmail[dot]com : submissions to be in hand by the first of each month for inclusion in the magazine which usually comes out one week later. http://www.geantreepress.com/Submissions.html

We are always interested in book manuscripts. If you have a manuscript or idea for a book please send an email. To view examples of our catalog please visit: http://www.geantreepress.com/Books.html

Mission Statement:
We seek to encourage excellence, experimentation and education within haiku and its related genres. We believe this is best accomplished by example and not imitation. Our aim is for authenticity above all else. We therefore solicit your finest examples of haiku, tanka, haiga, haibun and renga/renku so that we may “hear” your voices speak.
Within English-language haiku (ELH) the debate is becoming increasingly polarised; with both editors and writers advocating either this style of writing or that. It is my belief that whilst we owe a massive debt to Japan, ELH should and must now grow into full maturity and no longer look over its shoulder. We could all continue to write pretty images about cherry trees or we could reach deeper into our own experience and produce works which are both authentic and relevant for a wider reading public and our literary peers. I believe that if we do not do this then we are all in danger of settling for a formulaic comfort zone in ELH and it will not develop into the fullness of what it can be.
As a writer I try to give voice to my own experience and as an editor I aim to allow other writers the same opportunity. It is not my job to proscribe any style or restrict writers, but rather give them a platform for their voice to be heard and let the writers take ELH to wherever it may go.
Colin Stewart Jones



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